Sunday, October 12, 2008

Modernish Pet Pancakes

An oil painting of a hedgehog with a pancake on its head

A miniature 4 by 6 inch oil painting of a hedgehog with a pancake on its head. One of four paintings posted today on the theme of modernish house pets. The other subjects are a budgie, ferret and skunk.

Hedgehog with a pancake on its head - Ebay Art Auction

Another sloppy roundup of posts of my work that I've discovered online, copied and pasted directly from Notepad. Thanks to everyone who has discovered my painting and cartoons and shared them online. Always appreciated- taint as avatar,messageboard/action,replies/board_id,8418/cat_id,7617/topic_id,3741132/ rosh hashana sinners aren't winners rosh hashana rosh hashana rosh hashana Barack Obama nude on a unicorn turtles ledger turtle Barack Obama prays Faithmouse article post of American Digest article John McCain pancake head obama victory unicorn rosh barack unicorn rosh oolong turtles john mcpancake rosh taint cartoon on porn page ledger obama portrait Rosh Hashana john mcpancake ledger ledger bush bunny obama unicorn dramatic prarie dog obama portrait "I got nothing, so here's Alan Greenspan with a pancake on his head." amy winehouse painting "Why is there no Dan Lacey - Palin with Pancake picture in the comments to that yet?" These aren 't mine, by the way, they're done by this guy called Dan Lacey. ... obama unicorn ledger obama portrait ledger obama unicorn uses mcmuppet;topicseen ledger st francis muppets bunny pancake mcpancake oolong bunny muppets mention palin pancakes mention barack obama muppet mcpancake john mcpancake joker god is in control bad ass mcpancake biden pancake mcpancake barack nude unicorn from June 1st barack Obama older unicorn newer unicorn john mcpancake donnie davies gaybear park mcpancake barack on unicorn #2 barack o'muppet turtles palin wink Not sure I want to know why Dan Lacey likes to paint portraits of famous people with pancakes on their heads... mccain pancake first obama unicorn ledger ledger bad ass for life two pancake paintings john mcpancake craigs list obama unicorn one obama unicorn 2 link, putin with tiger pancake obama muppet stop the aclu cartoon obama unicorn obama victory unicorn ledger two pancake paintings Neverborn Blogs4Life promo cartoon john mcpancake

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