Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Faithmouse / The Obamanation Inauguration

Faithmouse and the Barack Obama Obamanation Inauguration

Faithmouse has concerns regarding the upcoming Barack Obama Inauguration.

This cartoon features Faithmouse, Chief Justice John Roberts, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, the latter looking quite fashionable in her acceptance speech black widow spider dress.

Another collection of recent displays of my paintings and cartoons which I've discovered on various sites by way of referrer stats. Thanks for the posts!- Obama pancake Obama portrait Obama portrait Barack Omuppet Palin pancake Joe Biden pancake Obama unicorn Barack painting Dramatic prarie dog Palin pancake Oolong pancake!C873246EA6369396!21278.entry Obama Muppet Obama victory unicorn Barack Obama painting Obama unicorn Palin pancake Obama victory pie Obama muppet Palin pancakes Christopher Hitchens cartoon Obama victory pie Obama unicorn Obama portrait Palin pancakes Heath Ledger painting Obama unicorn Palin pancake Obama unicorn palin pancake Obama victory unicorn Obama victory pie Sarah Palin pancakes Obama pancake Barack Obama pancake head