Friday, July 24, 2009

Run Blago Run

I've contributed a painting to the Run Blago Run show at the Echo Studio in Chicago. 100% of the sale of the painting will go to Street Level Youth Media. The show runs today through July 26th-

Run Blago Run art show Chicago

Run Blago Run

I've completed and UPSed a painting to Comedy Central which will appear on next Thursday's Tosh.0.

Thanks to WRIF in Detroit for airing the recent interview.

A new Michael Jackson painting, featuring MJ as Captain EO-

Michael Jackson as Captain EO

Michael Jackson As Captain EO - Ebay Art Auction

My cat Marco recently had skin cancer surgery, and a few days afterwards my wife and I found two new bumps which we had never noticed before just a half inch from each side of the surgical incision on his tummy. We worried about this for three days until we realized they were his nipples.

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