Saturday, August 20, 2005


Here's a variation of yesterday's cartoon. Technically, I was playing with the convention of the infinitely repeating panel, which as a result of this experiment I hereby dismiss. This convention is normally accompanied by an oppressively thick sky of dialogue which hovers over the speakers, and manifests itself usually in the form of a rant, which helps to mask the frozen artifice below. Nothing can mask the artifice. I do my best to avoid cliche structures, and I only delved into this one up to my ankles to see if the water was hot or cold. It was cold. Today's variation helps clear my conscience.

Eric Eranko at his Christifidelis has posted the Brother Roger toon for a few days ago. Eric has a great archive of photos from his trips to both Italy and Israel available for viewing at his Eranco page. Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn has linked to one of the Planned Parenthood toons, as has Amy at Real Catholic. A poster at Protest Warrior has given a previous faithmouse Pro-Life toon a link. I don't know how long this has been up, but The Church in Misamis Occidental, Philippines is showing one of the Pope John Paul II/Terri Schiavo toons, which really makes me want to find the time to refine the image.

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