Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Faithmouse Fourth Of July

Click for larger image. Largest.

In progress. Click for larger image. Largest.

Click for larger image. Largest.

As much as I can post at the moment without risking death at the hands of the original faithmouse, on this fourth of July, with family waiting our arrival across town. Because I'm making you wait, I'll let you in ahead of time on what this image will consist of- a giant cross in the sky, composed of exploding fireworks culled from the pics I took last night of the show Chris and I saw last night in New Prague, Minnesota. I used some of these same fireworks in the 'Discovery' space shuttle cartoon posted earlier today.

I'll post the completed version of this cartoon late this evening, along with the completed rude 'Poot' toon. As many visitors have taken a hiatus from their computers over the weekend, tomorrow will still be a nice day to view these images sometime between return-to-work tasks.

Today's baby cardinals pic. Click for large image.

Why I'm postings photographs of living creatures in and around our home, here's a pic of my monster goldfish Archbishop Finn, who seemed a bit astounded that I would deem to point a camera his way.

Archbishop Finn

I beg your pardon!

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