Monday, September 04, 2006

Wrong Madonna

Charlotte Church Chat Show, Great Britian, anti-Catholic views on Talk Show

Click to view larger image. Largest.

Ignatius stops sale of Charlotte Church works after singer's TV pilot - Catholic Online International News

Free Republic thread

Angel Queen has a thread regarding the recent female priest controversy at St. Joan of Arc's which also features an image from my continuing Father Altier/Archbishop Flynn series (really need to get back to that). Sunday's Social Schmocial toon has surfaced on a number of sites via Stop The ACLU's feed; jasonpsimon at LifeJournal is one of them. Thanks to Faith for the supportive post at her Weekly Christian Conservative. A Memorial Day toon from last year recently appeared on a Russian thread at Luckasoft and is sharing space on the same page with some relatively recent Leonard Cohen lyrics. Thanks to our local alternative City Pages for making faithmouse the site of the day.

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