Monday, November 27, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI Coat of Arms

Pope Benedict XVI Coat of Arms, trip to Turkey
Click above to view larger image. Largest.

Significance of Benedict XVI's Trip to Turkey (Vatican missal)- Zenit News

The New Coat of Arms of Pope Benedict XVI - Dioscese of Rockville Centre

Thanks to Barb for posting the above Neverborn cartoon on her SFO Mom. Thanks to Allen at his Is Anybody There for some recent cartoons posts, including namedropping Faithmouse in his Meet Topo Gigio post of an old Ed Sullivan clip. Pookie18 is early for tomorrow with this Monday evening post of Tuesday's Today's Toons thread at Free Republic, which includes the recent Stop The ACLU / Will Sue For Food toon. Sayda Li's Vampirelinred LiveJournal is amongst a few LJ sites displaying recent cartoons, including the familia Thanksgiving Day cartoon. Thanks to hardcore conservative for posting the same on femme_fatale77's MySpace page. The Norwegian Nordic Mafia has the older Neverborn / Ms. StarMole / Abortion T-Shirt cartoon, but you'll need to register to find it. Thanks again to Pookie18 for a number of recent posts, including the Thanksgiving cartoon on last Thursday's Today's Toons thread at Free Republic. The French Le Forum Catholique is displaying the Faith Bridge cartoon. The forum at Middle East Info displays the Stop The ACLU / Defending Your Right cartoon. The Neverborn / Eviction Notice cartoon is being shown on a board at Hangar Hunnies. Thanks to Saskatchewanian fracas for adding faithmouse to the blogroll at The Never Tell Me The Odds board under the title 'Scary Conservative Graphics' believes the boogie board cord is a distraction in it's post of the Holy Coast toon promoting the first Blogs4Life (um... got that?) The Republican Humor Yahoo Group is showing the Faithmouse / Al Sharpton toon. The forum at Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing has the Neverborn / Eviction Notice cartoon. Also at MySpace-B0Y; Y0U G0T ME TRiiPiiN DEEP D0WN iNSiDE is showing the Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims 2004 cartoon. This Invision / Tele Chemistry forum is showing the Neverborn / Bad Ass For Life toon.

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