Friday, December 26, 2008

Something Awful Laissez's Fair Faithmouse Megathread Painting, in progress

Laissez's Fair Something Awful Faithmouse Megathread painting, in progress

The image above is of a 30 by 40 inch oil painting which I tried to finish by Christmas for my fellow Goons at the Laissez's Fair Faithmouse Megathread on Something Awful. The figures include Ron Paul, Faithmouse's sister Taint from my Faithmouse cartoon, and various moderators and regular contributors to the LF forum, all in various states of victory or duress. I'm painting this in oil over acrylic over oil over acrylic. As you can see I've tacked the canvas to a board so it doesn't have a nervous breakdown. Still have a number of figures to add in acrylic, and then I'll finish the canvas with oil washes which should help to integrate the entire image tonally. I have about fifty hours invested in this so far, with about thirty or more to go. Should look pretty nifty when completed.

Received an email from a fellow Ebayer to say that CNBC was showing and discussing my Bernie Madoff pancake painting earlier today. Thanks as well to Perez Hilton, who featured his mistletoe pancake on his site on Christmas Eve.

Thanks to a fan from Malaysia who's commissioned five new Faithmouse cartoons.