Sunday, March 28, 2010

New 'Female Force' Michelle Obama, Year One' Comic Features One Of My Paintings, Or So Someone Tells Me Which Is Nice... I Guess!

Eddie at Obamafoodarama emailed to let me know that she discovered one of my paintings incorporated into the recently released Bluewater Productions 'Female Force / Michelle Obama/Year One' comic book-

Here's my artwork as it appears on page 16-

Dan Lacey Obama Pie painting in Bluewater Production's Female Force Michelle Obama Year One comic book


I emailed Bluewater Production's President Darren Davis a few days ago suggesting he at least send me a few free copies but he has yet to respond to my offer. That sent me thinking.

My initial reaction to this was feeling a bit miffed; after all, Bluewater used my artwork and didn't pay for or acknowledge the use. Comic book companies are in the business of working with artists so this is sort of like NASA forgetting to put an engine on a rocket.

I believe what's going on here is that Bluewater is well-aware of the full content of my Obama oeuvre and for that reason chose not to acknowledge me.  I'm the only artist used in the book who isn't credited. After all, I am the Obama Porn painter. Hard to miss that.

Upon reflection all I can say is 'thanks.' So, thanks!  But I would still like some free issues. Four bucks is a hell of a lot of money to pay for a comic book.

Bluewater Productions Features One Of My Paintings In 'Female Force' Michelle Obama, Year One' Comic, Or So Someone Tells Me Which Is Nice... I Guess! - New York Times Michelle Obama Blogrunner Headline