Friday, October 01, 2010

My Rahm Emanuel Paintings

Considering the imminent departure from Washington by White House Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel, it seems an appropriate time to post a collection of my varied portraits of the same.

My first portrait of Rahm, with bagel and lox poised upon his silvery head-

a portrait of Rahm Emanuel with bagel and lox upon his head

After posting and auctioning this portrait on Ebay I received two requests for commissions of Rahm in a similar pose.

Rahm with lox on the bagel...and cream cheese!

another portrait of Rahm Emanuel with bagel and lox upon his head

Subsequently framed-

Rahm Emanuel framed

-and posted by proud art collecter and blogger The White Sade.

Soon after followed a request for a portrait of Rahm with a small loaf of challah bread balanced on top of his head.  This is the first time I've posted this particular painting online-

a portrait of Rahm Emanuel with challah bread on his head

This portrait now resides somewhere in Australia.

Not everyone recognized my portrayal of Rahm in this Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn painting-

Rahm Emanuel with Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn

-but many did, including the posters from this message board from earlier today-


Finally and also by request was born this painting of the three Emanuel brothers in the form of a pancake laden, Christmas greeting-

The Rahm brothers Christmas Card / Oh come ye, Emanuels

'Oh Come Ye, Emanuels.'

Rahm Out, Rouse In On Friday - Politico