Sunday, June 19, 2011

John Edwards Two-Faced Mug Shot Pancake Portrait

John Edwards mug shot pancake

John Edwards two-faced mug shot portrait painting.

This painting is inspired by the recently released mug shot of former US Senator John Edwards, who was indicted on federal charges for using close to $1 million in illegal campaign donations to cover up an extramarital affair he had while running for president in 2008. The original police mug shot shows both profile and frontal pics of Mr. Edwards, who beams broadly in the latter. Mr. Edwards is charged with conspiracy, taking illegal campaign contributions, and making false statements.

The 'two faces' of Mr. Edwards' mug shot are included in the portrait. The two pancakes upon his head represent both his wife and his mistress. Even in decompositon his wifes' pancake has a predominant presence over the subject; it sports in the center a frayed pink ribbon which represents her losing battle with breast and other cancers. Visually it also doubles for the shape of Mr. Edwards' hair. Below his wifes' pancake is the pancake of his mistress, and here Mr. Edwards is looking away from the viewer unwilling to confront. The butter pat between the pancakes is the child he attempted to hide. Mr. Edwards' has an ill-formed center eye; this is the personal void between deceit and denial.

John Edwards Two-Faced Mug Shot Portrait Painting - Ebay Art Auction

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  1. Your best satirical painting yet! How in the world did you manage to incorporate all that in one "little" painting? Your rock Mr. Lacey!

  2. Anonymous2:03 AM

    John, Edwards? Looks like more exquisite work, Dan, Lacey. To me, it conjures one of those Francis Bacon portraits of George Dyer!! And, if it's as sexy as the glazingly-finished-and-oily portrait of the Biebs that you sent me, well, then, I'm already aglow!!
    P.S. Nice work on the "Ecstasy of Dan Lacey." The only way it could've been any better is if Tom got to spend six moths with you!! I enjoyed the story being bookended by Ron's Coffee!
    -Alice K. Kneel!