Monday, February 27, 2012

I Dan Lacey Painter Of Pancakes Nude Query The George Washington Chicken McNugget

A painting of myself-Dan Lacey, The Painter of Pancakes, nude and querying the famous George Washington Chicken McNugget on the floor of my vast basement art studio.

I cannot say what in my delirium I asked the indolent McNugget.

George Washington Chicken McNugget nude

All I recall is that the initial knowledge requested of my heart was refused; for like Obama in a Jon McNaugton painting the McNugget could only offer his back as a cold, crusted, and somehat oily answer. "Why are we so alone?" perhaps I queried, knowing that I was not addressing the soul of one chicken but a composite of many, disinfected and bleached, and now shaped by chance into the father of a country he would not today recognize, and likely to deem completely free only following the event of his own consumption. His powdered wig, long since breaded; his noble authoritarian nose, long since breaded; his frilly ruffled shirt, long since breaded..conspired to offer no solace or direction.
The only answer I received was the cold hard floor beneath my body, except in the places where I kneeling on painty carpet remnants-this and the muffled sound of a thousand rickety franchises complaining mightily as they threw themselves against the fists of the hard Minnesota wind.


This is the second in my series of nude self-portraits, and is available on auction on Ebay at a starting bid of 99 cents.  This is a 2 by 3 foot acrylic painting on stretched canvas.  I'll post better photos tomorrow.


Update - a photo of the completed painting in natural light and ahead of the storm-

blue mcnugget

Thanks today to Buzzfeed for their 33 Insane Portraits Of President Obama post.

I Dan Lacey Painter Of Pancakes Nude Query The George Washington Chicken McNuggett - Ebay Art Auction

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