Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Ron Jeremy President Barack Obama Fourth Of July Painting / Ebay Art Auction

 A very special painting for the Fourth of July featuring the great Ron Jeremy, also known as The Hedgehog, holding an actual hedgehog in his arms while a pancake boat shoots fireworks into the sky and a teary eyed President Barack Obama looks over his shoulder at the proceedings-

Ron Jeremy Fourth Of July painting

This painting also features a hidden dove.  Can you find it?

Ron Jeremy Fourth Of July Painting - Ebay Art Auction


  1. How can I contact you for appraisals on painting done by you, with suggestions?

    I am specifically looking for Van Gogh, starry night, pancake(most important), in riske self nude idealized self portriat(Van Gogh style as well), maybe combination of the spire, senior dildo/tom cruise, vanilla sky), follow my blog trail for personal commerse :)

  2. Thanks, Squeezle, but you've marked your profile as private and so it doesn't link to anything.