Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Dramatic Prairie Dog Pancakes Painting

A painting of the Dramatic Prairie Dog losing control of a plate of pancakes, but doing so doesn't bother him/her-

-he is at peace with disaster.

My images are still offline as is my entire painterofpancakes site, so the painting above is hosted by blogger. I forgot you can do that.

I've deleted most of my paintings from my hosting so hopefully the site will be back online in a day or two. My success in Google Image Search resulted in my not being able to afford the additional bandwidth.  Over the course of the past decade I've posted over 12,000 images online.  That caught up with me.

I'm thinking about what to do to return my paintings online, outside of the free hosting available on blogger, facebook, twitter, and tumblr.  You can still find copies of my paintings on many sites, but only a percentage of the whole. Perhaps flickr has a mass-upload setting.

The above 8 by 10 inch acrylic painting is for sale for $40, plus a few dollars for the shipping. You can contact me at faithmouse (at) yahoo [.] com.

Dramatic Prairie Dog Painting - Flickr

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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    I thought you were using Dreamhost, which has (marketed as) unlimited bandwidth.