Wednesday, March 19, 2014

John Kline Pancake Painting #3

Third in my 50 painting series of Minnesota GOP congressman John Kline with a pancake or pancakes on top of his head-

John Kline pancake portrait number three

An 8 by 10 acrylic portrait painting of current Minnesota District 2 Republican Congressman John Kline with a syrupy pancake on his head. This is the third painting in the series. There will be one pancake painting for each time Congressman Kline chose to vote with his fellow GOP House members to overturn, delay, or undo The Affordable Care Act but failed to personally take that opportunity to declare The Pancake to be America's healthiest and most wholesome food. 

I am currently challenging Congressman Kline for his seat in the 2nd district as a Pancake Independent. My goal is to help shift the national focus away from divisive partisan politics and back to the Wonders Of The Pancake, where it belongs. Please join me in my quest.

John Kline Pancake Portrait #3 - Etsy

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