Thursday, April 07, 2005

Toon 4/7/05

Somehow I completely forgot that I subscribe to RAI, which has nearly continuous coverage from Rome. I've been back and forth in front of the television and in and out of the house, giving my 'hobby Italian' a workout and puttering around in the yard now that it feels like spring here in the upper Midwest. As for cartoons, I've started three and they're all lousy. The cartoon I've forced myself to finish for today is overworked and failed but will have to do. The point I was reaching for is that even after everything the Pope accomplished he found the strength while dying to stick up for a defenseless disabled woman. Or, on another level, the mission of the Church is to care for the most helpless among us, and in this way we can affect the grander events of history, one personal history at a time.
I think this might make a pretty good cartoon on a second attempt. My apologies.

I'd like to welcome Joe Doe News, which has been the first to post the new RSS feed for the cartoon.

Purchased C.S. Lewis and the Catholic Church, which I recommend if you're a Lewisphile like me. The cover is a picture of Lewis perched on a rock at Stonehenge. Can't do that anymore, although The Original Faithmouse enjoyed that experience when she spent 1967 in Europe with her family, which is why her German is much better than my Italian.

I'm looking for a big shoe to kick myself in the bottom with so I can get back on track with whatever it is I do.

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