Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Toon in progress 4/5/05

I usually post new work on Monday, but I've been depressed for the past two days and haven't been able to do much except research and reflect. I've watched the excellent coverage from Rome on Fox which in my opinion has surpassed the coverage on EWTN, including yesterday morning's emotionally draining procession of John Paul's body from the Papal apartments to St. Peter's Basilica. Off camera and to the far left of the Pope's body (the 'hole' behind the Pope is actually the crypt where John Paul II will be interned with previous Popes) is Bernini's Tribute to Alexander VII, which I sketched on the scene. I'll hunt down and post my drawing sometime later this week. I also did a drawing inside the Sistine Chapel, the locale of the next Pope's election, which I posted online three years ago on a long orphaned page.
I've received a number of emails from fans suggesting John Paul II and Terri Schiavo cartoons. The suggestions are inspired and I'll do my best to present a few of your ideas during the next week or two.
The cartoon above is half finished. I should have the entire toon posted later today (Tuesday) along with links to a few new affiliates.

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