Thursday, August 24, 2006


Something Awful goon cartoon, Pi Kappa Lambda Beta Theta

Click above for larger image. Largest.

The cartoon above was sponsored by some very kind 'goons' at a forum called Something Awful.

Faithmouse is now on a tip-jar format. New cartoons are posted at the level of $100 in donations, although I'll very gladly accept any amount. For any donation above postage I'll be happy to send you an original drawing on the back of a postcard, similar to the example below-

If you would like to have faithmouse mention your blog in the online cartoon, I'll be happy to do that as well.

Your support helps to keep a Christian, Pro-Life cartoon online. I've gotten myself stupidly in debt over the course of developing and promoting faithmouse during the past seven years, so your purchase is a substitute to my working a second job, which would effectively keep me away from the cartoon.

If you search faithmouse in Google, you may notice that the cartoon has quite a bit of exposure of the internet. Faithmouse is perhaps the only Catholic editorial cartoon in the world, and regularly appears and/or is linked on many secular news sites and forums. Individual cartoons also regularly appear on a large number of blogs. The cartoon is personal and sometimes surreal, which I believe helps to keep it entertaining.

I hope you'll consider supporting faithmouse by purchasing an original drawing.

God bless, and thanks

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Horntotingmania has given faithmouse an extended analysis on her livejournal. As a result, her comments have reappeared on a number of friend sites. Acutewit has included the John Paul II / Pope Benedict XVI lawn care cartoon in this crewcial thread.

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