Tuesday, August 08, 2006

TEQUILA! In Progress

TEQUILA!  A Mel Gibson/Devilcat cartoon

A Mel Gibson/Devilcat cartoon, in progress.

I'm completing this cartoon online over the course of the next day or so in this Hipinion forum. Also trying to dig out an older Gaybear cartoon to finish and post at this thread on Portal Of Evil.

Visitors should know that the above links and a few others on this site aren't child safe. I go wherever people enjoy the cartoon. I have a reputation for never preaching, flaming or snarking at anyone in response to my work-anytime, anywhere, ever; although I'm always happy to explain a particular cartoon or line of thinking. This is because, even though faithmouse is decidedly Christian and conservative, I'm personally much more flawed than my critics and faithmouse is meant to be art.

This arrangement has created some odd bedfellows for the cartoon, but I hope well-intentioned visitors who feel that a Christian cartoon should be a certain way can look past that. I draw whatever intrigues me. After all, if I'm not interested in faithmouse, why should you be?

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