Wednesday, April 11, 2007

¡Un Qué Trasero! / What An Ass!

historieta trasero, Catholic pro sexual abstinence cartoon

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

A new Faithmouse/Devilcat/Ms. StarMole cartoon, in progress.

RAND Study Finds Religiosity Can Be An Important Tool In Preventing The Spread Of HIV-AIDS -Medical News Today

I've been negligent as of late regarding acknowledgements, which add up to around 70. To avoid snarkling the HTML I'll post each below separately. I'll update the list over the course of the next day or so as I complete the toon above-
Phatmass has yesterday's The Christians Are Coming! cartoon in a thread titled 'The Christians are coming!, New Jersey School Portrays Christians as Terrorists.' Thanks to KnightofChrist for the post.
Thanks to Al at Is Anybody There for a number of posts, most recently of the Johnny Hart Memorial Cartoon.
Punk posts a link to the Johnny Hart Memorial Cartoon as comment #150 on this The Comics Curmudgeon thread, to which Marion Delgado at #163 responds 'that FaithMouse cartoon was good, but that site is dreadful.'
Sparky at Defenders of the Catholic Faith means to post the Johnny Hart toon but mistakenly adds the regularly updating hotlinked image. On page two of the thread I add the permanent URL.
Karen at Karen's Korner posts the Stop The ACLU Easter Toon in her recent Week In Review thread.
The Daniela Cicarelli Video, Sexo Na Praia Com Deus (sex with God on the beach) cartoon appears on the front page of this Brazilian Celebrity Gallery page.
I drop-in on this Torch The Bridge thread.
Three recent Familia Feliz cartoons which have yet to find their way to this site can be found at the now over 2000 comment Faithmouse thread at Portal Of Evil, to which I regularly contribute.
Free Press displays the most recent Stop The ACLU Easter Cartoon in their Stop The ACLU feed. 'Faithmouse' is included as a tag.
United Episcopal Church Reverend Daniel Sparks displays the Terri Schindler Schiavo / Ann Frank remembrance cartoon from 2006 on his Miserere Mei post titled 'Rest In Peace, Terri.'
Thanks to Amergina at Friends of Amergina's LiveJournal for a number of recent posts, including the current Un Qué Trasero / What an Ass cartoon in progress, the recent Stop The ACLU Substitute Mother and Upside Down Perspective.
Pookie18 at his Today's Toons thead at Free Republic has two cartoons for today, the Johnny Hart toon and the Stop The ACLU Easter cartoon.

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