Monday, September 03, 2007

Favorites 02/06 - 09/07

digital skyscraper
Click image to access Flash gallery.

I'm not the best choice to edit a gallery of my own work (very biased) but I think I've succeeded in creating an entertaining interactive skyscraper out of 341 of my previous cartoons. Enjoy.
At best, it's an indefinitive compilation-still needs tweaking. Some files I can't find, many I never did get around to posting, and others make me cringe upon rediscovery... hit the road, Jack! A few sketches and panels to unfinished cartoons are included here just to remind myself that they still exist and I should get around to completing them one year. Hey, it's a less cluttered place to shove them than my desktop. Many offsite cartoons aren't included here as well; you can find many of them at POE, which you may wish to visit just to view the photos of the giant Neverborn costume I'm creating at the Neverborn Comes Alive thread (progress slowed due to the original Faithmouses' recent gallbladder surgery, which she came through triumphantly).
I've also removed the links to a number of my side panel archive galleries, including the prayer, abortion, pro-military, Terry Schiavo and John Paul II cartoon galleries. Critics of the cartoon shouldn't take this as a sign that I've taken a turn against the military, prayer or Terry Schiavo. I'll repost these galleries as soon as I can afford them a proper update.

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