Sunday, September 02, 2007

God's Calling..Gotta Run!!!

God's calling...gotta run!!!

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

The Minnesota Organization of Blogs aggregator at BlogNetNews displays today's God's Calling...Gotta Run!!

Scudd5000 inappropriately posts a B16 sketch in response to glass.onion's I spent $100 on pillows yesterday thread on Nexopia.

Long time faithmouse fan Lyle at his Life in the New World has the Ian McKellen / Warm Milk, Fresh Bible toon at a post titled Never Forget Faithmouse. Thanks!

The Galilea Montijo / Ron Paul cartoon reappears on this Univision / Galilea Montijo thread. Posted by Anjoxsempre.

Marianne posted the Faithmouse / Britney Spears No Underwear! cartoon last April on Victor's strangely transparent MySpace page.

Thanks to Amergina at Amergina's Live Journal for posting today's God's Calling..Gotta Run!!! cartoon.

Christine Schultz at her Christine Schultze's MySpace page has added the feed for the regularly updating cartoon.

A Taint & Fetus toon posted by KellyGirl can be found on this Lush Cosmetics / Bikini Wax Advice Part Deux thread (registration required).

Found this post by Iriss who in June posted the Stop and Praise God toon to (lee lee)4 n3v@ n0 b0p's MySpace page. Thanks to Sara for performing the same on RevScott's MySpace page as well.

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