Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin, Pancake Hunter

The original Palin Pancakes painting-

Palin pancakes

My City Pages interview, which includes a slideshow of pancakes past-

Dan Lacey's bizarre pancake paintings land him fame beyond Gawker - City Pages

I'm also interviewed in this front page Sunday New York Times story, which references both my pancake and Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn series-

Obama’s Face (That’s Him?) Rules the Web - The New York Times

Sarah Palin pancake hunter

A miniature oil painting Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin hunting pancakes while wearing a patriotic bikini.

Sarah Palin Pancake Hunter - Ebay Art Auction

Pablo Pancake Palin-ed - PABLOg! (News and views on Pablo Castelaz, a young boy fighting cancer)

Sarah Palin Makes Us Feel Confused And Tingly - LiveJournal

McCain Pre-Palin: Governors And Mayors Can't Handle National Security - Huffington Post

A few posts of my work on various forums, recently discovered-

NXPortal - Palin pancakes

Cafe Come Back Alive - Panel from an older Ronald Reagan cartoon

MYBS - Oolong pancake

Craiovahhub - Heath Ledger as The Joker

Roosterteeth - Obama victory unicorn

RPG - Sarah Palin, pancake hunter

Urban Honking - Hadron Collider with a pancake on its head

Volnation - John McCain loves Abba

Juventus Mania - Heath Ledger as The Joker

Wrestling Forum - Ledger

Zatar Kingdom - Miracle Of Birth cartoon

Sutkh - Oolong

Meet Me Into - Oolong

Sanguine Raiding -Sarah Palin, pancake hunter

Rog The Frog - Sarah Palin, pancake hunter

Elle Girl - Oolong

Bweinh - McCain Muppet

Fark - Two John McCain paintings

Mets Regugees - Neverborn Bob Ross cartoon

Last Planet To Jakarta - Hadron

Brandimensions - Obama muppet

Teton Gravity - Obama unicorn

Four Freedoms Blog - John McPancake

GM Truck HQ - God Love You cartoon

Civ Fanatics - 'A Political Cartoon' panel

YouTube Stelcor - Mother Teresa painting used as background image

Soldier Angels Forum - Miley Cyrus, Underwear Harlot cartoon

USF Italy Program - St. Francis Of Asissi drawing

Motortrend - Barack O'Muppet

SF Fixed - Barack unicorn

Neva Back Down - Neverborn / Badass For Life

Geetalk - McMuppet

MSN Moviesboard - Oolong paintings

Tricksterthief - Joker

Ajanlolap - Two Eight Belles paintings

Bronco Country - Oolong

Tooboarders - Obama unicorn

Juot - McCain pancake

Rotten Tomatoes - Obama unicorn

Legends Horse - Arabian horse painting used as avatar

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