Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Mancow painting, restarted.

Someone just interviewed me from a radio station in Oregon, but it came and went so quickly I'm not sure who it was.

My computer is full of art and keeps crashing, which is irritating. It shouldn't be this difficult to transfer large PDF files onto disk.

Basepair's Mulder With Pancake painting

BeckieLou's comparison of her painting with original photo.

Thanks to British comedian Stephen Fry who recently twittered one of my Obama unicorn paintings.

I'm painting an Obama unicorn painting on the theme of Mancow who interviews me tomorrow, but I decided I didn't like the first version, so I'm trying it again. The first version seemed a bit snarky, which wasn't what I was going for. I can't get his program in my area, and all I know about the fellow is that he conceeded to be waterboarded, which I admire.

Mchapman's replacement for a broken Fonzie/Happy Days mirror.

I like this thead about my work on Reddit, and particularly this comment-

Dan is an ex-conservative, kinda: Simplifying greatly, he lost his faith in political conservatism when the cons went apeshit over some of his work. He's greatly influenced by Robert Crumb, whose inspiration may ultimately be difficult to fully integrate into a modern political conservative perspective. Crumb's influence shows up a lot more in his Faithmouse comics, which have ranged from pro-life Catholic themes to some very naughty NSFW romps.

I like his Faithmouse comics a lot, especially after Dan started to expand beyond his original conservative mission and explored themes like the sexual fantasies of gay Catholic clergy, Faithmouse's naughty sister, etc. Dan doesn't do much Faithmouse now; his pop culture paintings (pancakes, naked Obama, etc.) are so popular, I guess he doesn't have much time for the comic. A shame, 'cause his comic is a lot more interesting than his paintings. I would link to some examples, but Dan doesn't make much of his best work easily viewable by the general public.

Faithmouse is the best thing I've ever done. It helps to look at the entire run of the cartoon instead of individual strips to appreciate it.

Beckie's Wall Of Obama, with eight of my paintings.

I'm developing a stage piece which utilizes my paintings. I approached our local Minneapolis Acme Comedy Club but they have yet to respond to my inquiry. It would be sort of a prose/poetry rendition, accompanied by pictures of Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn.

Mancow painting, continued...