Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gawker, Joke Joint, Telegraph UK

After a few months delay I've added to the continuing 'What Shall Dan Lacey Paint For Your Amusement?' Gawker request thread. Painting #5 features fashionista Tinsley Mortimer accosted by Fabiolo Beracasa and Daphe Guinness outside The Waverly Inn-

Gawker Tinsley Mortimer Pancake Painting

The high-bidder currently is a virgin Ebay bidder named Tinsley.

Tinsley Mortimer Pancake Painting - Ebay Art Auction

The Joke Joint Comedy Club in Bloomington Minnesota has started an in-club gallery of my artwork. The first painting in the series is this piece which I presented onstage a few weeks ago. I call it 'Brett Favre: The Green And The Purple'-

Brett Favre, the Green and the Purple

Brett Favre, The Green And The Purple- Ebay Art Auction

at the Joke Joint

Presenting the painting at the Joke Joint.

The winning bidder of my 'Nobel Prize Obama' painting is graciously allowing me to make a few revisions to the finished piece; I'll post a revised image in a few days.

Thanks to a number of sites, blogs, twitterers etc. which have recently posted regarding my paintings, including The Telegraph UK. Here's a partial compilation-!A45CBA4E720BE5D0!1311.entry