Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two New MJ Paintings

Two new Michael Jackson paintings, completed at 5 AM this morning-

A painting of Michael Jackson, in concert

A painting of MJ bathed in a blue light.

Michael Jackson In Concert - Ebay Art Auction

A painting of Michael Jackson in a hat and suit

Michael Jackson looking dapper in a suit.

MJ Suit - Ebay Art Auction

My Ebay ToGo widget at the top of this page has the flu. Hopefully it will come around soon.

I should have a new painting for Gawker finished by Monday morning.

Thanks to all of the sites which have recently posted paintings and references/links to my work, especially to Wild Ammo's gallery of my unicorn paintings, which has close to 1000 tweets. Here's a partial collection-,AR3_2009-08_2009-08-01_2009-08-31,index.html,6944.26025.html Graham Norton unicorn