Thursday, February 04, 2010

Obama Unicorns, Etc.

nnie from Iowa has sent me a number of mass cards which she had made featuring one of my Mother Teresa paintings.  I can give away a few of these to winning bidders of my paintings on Ebay.  Right now I only have one painting up for bid, but tomorrow I should be able to post a few additional-

Blessed Mother Teresa mass cards

Thanks to Perez Hilton for the tweet.  Perez posted a Christmas Eve pancake painting on his blog back in 2008. April Winchell of Regretsy who is featured in the upcoming ROLFcon poster has also tweeted.

A few new Obama Unicorn paintings are in progress. One will feature Bob and Mike of KISS 96.1 Morning Freak Show in Philadelphia; another is a request via Jr. Deputy Accountant.  The most recent Obama Unicorn/Martin Luther King Jr/OutKast painting posted on Ebay is still unpaid for, so there's a chance I may rework (a little) and repost that one during the next week or so.

The post regarding my work on WildAmmo continues to be popular, but I have at least a dozen more Obama Unicorns paintings which aren't featured. Most people don't visit this blog or my Ebay auctions to view them.  Perhaps I should compile a second collection.

Jewish Barack Obama with unicorn Rahm Emanuel pancake art