Monday, February 08, 2010

ROFLcon 'Four Unicorns Of The ROFLapocalypse' Poster Sketch

ROFLcon poster sketch

Sketch on 18 by 24 inch canvas of the 'Four Unicorns Of The ROFLapocalypse' poster for ROFLcon.
This is basically a steeper angle of an idea I explored last week in a similar color wash-

I decided this layout, although it would easily accomodate all of the participants, was too flat, and that the concept would work much better if viewed from closer in.  The new sketch doesn't include all of the participants yet but it gives you the idea.  I'm still playing with scale for the figures; Autotune The News and Mahir Cagri riding on Charlie The Unicorn' s pink and blue unnamed 'friends' in the backrow will be a little larger, and there will a number of additional winged heads flitting about, mainly academics and researchers.  Still undeveloped is the webcomics area across the middle of the painting between F U Penguin and Clango. For now you will need to add from your own imagination the dramatic shadows and flashes of light which would eminate from within a crowded, electrified cloud.

Almost have Bob and Mike's painting completed for their Kiss 96.1 Morning Freak Show.  Sort of gives you an idea of what the ROFLcon poster will look like-

Bob and Mike Morning Freak Show Kiss 96.1FM painting preview

That, or compare to the Obama Unicorn painting for Tosh.0.  The thumbnail below is a color corrected image of Comedy Central's photo-

Tosh.0 unicorn painting