Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Lord is my Shepherd, Psalm 23:1

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Like me, a little cluttered on the right side. Replacing some of the detail with areas of ice and snow should improve the composition. That or have a Yeti cart away a few of the sheep.
I apologize that this image lacks penguins.

The new Planned Parenthood cartoon meant for today is delayed until sometime after Hurricane Rita exits the stage.
Faithmouse fan Kevin Lauer has launched Poly-Ticks, which features the weekly adventures of Polly-Tick, Luna-Tick, Psycho-Tick, and the rest of their bloodsucking friends. Kevin is mixing photo resources with cartooning to very good effect, especially in his Kayne West cartoon (best pronounced Con-Ya). Kevin reports that his cartoon was inspired by faithmouse, which should inspire a weath of interesting emails in his inbox, including some which should read a. your characters don't look like ticks, and b. your cartoon isn't funny. All the best.

One must come to the conclusion that America is still very strongly blessed after a major terrorist attack, two wars, hurricanes, high gasoline prices and the incarceration of Martha Stewart haven't conspired to 86 our economy.

Gosh darn, have to blacktop the driveway....

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  1. your characters don't look like ticks, and levitra b. your cartoon isn't funny. All the best.