Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rosary Powered Helicopter

The second cartoon still in progress references the seven children found wandering alone in New Orleans, later reunited with their mothers. This cartoon and the one I have planned for Friday will be the last in the Hurricane Katrina series. Onwards!

T-Boi has posted an older Timothy toon from last year's paper doll series to his Zupp site. Thanks also to Bobbie Joe at Life As Bobbie Joe for adding the regularly updating toon. MasterP7777 at Clan Boxroom gave faithmouse a nice thumbs up, as did a young man from Xavier high in Ohio who posted the recent Hurricane Katrina/9-11 toon on his blog, and who for the time being will remain in stealth mode.

And while we're discussing Stealths, thanks to Craig at Black Anthem for adding the cartoon to his links page. Faithmouse has fans in the services, including a number of military chaplains, all of whom have stumbled over the cartoon by way of Christian or conservative news sites. It's nice to have the opportunity to directly reach out to this group of heroes.

No Christian approves of war or killing, but we have a duty to encourage those who strive for the protection of the innocent, which is the real, everyday work of our armed forces both here at home and overseas.

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