Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harriet Miers

Final version of the toon posted earlier today. Revised because I could. Nice to be the bürgermeister of my own private cartoonland.

I received an email of thanks from E.Z. Zwayne and some other good folks at Living Waters in response to the cartoon from earlier this week featuring both he and Ray Comfort. Glad to make some sort of positive contribution. E.Z. asks for prayers for he and Ray's continuing legal battle.

Judicial abuses such as the Comfort and Zwayne case, where law abiding citizens are forced into spending time and money to defend their basic freedoms, simply as a result of exercising their freedoms, or when legislation against partial birth abortion is overturned after a liberal shopping expedition, are but two of the many reasons why the public favors the nomination of conservative, constitutionally minded judges to our highest courts. Hopefully the Miers withdrawal will move things back in a positive direction.

This cartoon was another of my 'graph paper' toons, where I combine ink and pencil drawings on separate Photoshop layers and then manipulate their duplicates. I've been producing quite a few black and white toons lately, but hopefully I can spit out a few color images in the weeks to come.

As a completely negligent Mind and Media reviewer, I owe Stacy Harp BIGTIME. I have about six cartoons in the works; toons which will act as promo pieces for various worthwhile Christian projects.

Mary at her popular Hope4America Yahoo Group has an exclusive faithmouse cartoon in progress posted on her splash page, along with accompanying midi music. Check it out!

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