Thursday, October 20, 2005

Have A Belated Love Your Body Day

Chris and I celebrated Tuesday's National Organization of Women's Love Your Body Day by high-fiveing the construction of a new Culver's on highway 50 in Lakeville.
Groups such as NOW believe they can address the problem of damagingly overt cultural sexuality by encouraging women to focus more of their own bodies, whatever shape they might happen to be in, but not to the point that they might conclude their bodies are sacred. The result is better self-image packaged like a lingerie party, which just by coincidence compliments the modern standard of self-indulgence in all endeavors. It's a valueless idea.
Even though more women are looking at adult materials than in the past, most of those feeding the engine are men. The way to solve this problem is to have wholesome women (once again) force men to act responsibly, which in turn heals the culture.
The grand point which ' liberation' groups of every ilk avoid is that society suffers from a spiritual and not a physical problem. Whatever vision they possess is compromised by their defense of abortion, the most horrid of spiritual crimes. The body is a place to protect, not an idea to redefine. Attitude doesn't replace the reality that women became cheapened (and men along with them) when they conspired with a radical element to sucessfully redefine the value of life for the sake of convenience.

Child in womb only 16 weeks after conception. Photo courtesy Life

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