Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ray Comfort and 'No Speech' Zones

'Xians' is a derogatory term for Christians and employed widely in anti-Christian online forums (for those who haven't had the pleasure of visiting same).

I'm somewhat satisfied with this cartoon, as I believe it accurately portrays the attitude of many on the left who are dogged in their quest to redefine constitutional guarantees regarding free speech. Professor Ferret, hearing but discounting Roy's allusion to a higher authority than man, the authority from which we receive both law and justice, is quick to be literal. Adeptly changing the order of two words can completely change their meaning, and I imagine there are many who might defend Judge MacLaughin's similar illegal interpretation.

Thanks to Jay at Stop The ACLU for adding faithmouse to his blogroll and using a recent toon; a newer version of which can be seen here. You can read more about the original case this cartoon refers to at this Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Defends Michigan Student’s Religious Expression in “Candy-Cane” Case article. Our Spiritual Growth has added the faithmouse feed to their site, and Jumperbones has added a recent MN toon to this My Open Forum thread. Thanks to Freeper 'The Mayor' for adding an older Pledge Of Allegiance toon to the Military Monday forum at A Few of FR's Finest.

Here's a preview of the Garrison Squealer toon in progress, which is just too much fun. I'm torn between finishing this or the American Grrrl toon for later in the day on Tuesday. We'll see where the muse leads.

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