Wednesday, November 02, 2005

'Name Calling, The Liberal's Greatest Weapon' post

Browell, The Official MWT Boytoy posts this is today's Mother's Who Think thread entitled 'Name Calling, the liberal's greatest weapon'-

right, so the cartoon is supposed to show the disparity between a culture that hands out free candy to healthy children and yet we ignore the needy children in darfur? that's great, so who does the "professor ferret" represent? our government, our republican run government, that is ignoring the crisis in darfur to wage a useless war in iraq? it's highly doubtful that your superior insight would extend that deep, rather i'm sure "professor ferret" is an evil liberal who doesn't donate to causes, like all liberals, because all professors are liberals in our liberal run college campuses!truly the veil has been lifted from mine eyes, savior lacey.see, you make no point in your cartoon. there is not one obvious political point in there. it's simply partisan fodder for you and others to proudly display on your sites with a "see, we're much better than the liberals, we draw cartoons about their 'hypocrisy'."congratulations on once again confounding all normal thinking, logical people with with your convoluted illogical pap.

To which I reply, to this and previous commentary-

Thanks for the comments, and the constructive criticism.
I do a slow burn on many of my cartoons; I'll start and finish them sometimes months later. Whatever the proper procedure or expectations are for editorial cartoons, I don't care. I simply draw what please me because, as I alluded to by the links which I sent Boytoy earlier, I also consider the toon to be art. This probably comes from years working as an illustrator/portrait painter and my dislike of cartoon 'gags'.
I understand most people know what my political/theological views already are, so when I produce a toon like this, which is non-political and meant to be conscience jarring, critics on the left won't give the cartoon an ounce of anything positive because they suspect that the bogeyman must be them. I assure you, there are no liberal bogeymen in this toon. If you suspect this toon actually does the opposite of what my intention was, by inadvertently exposing the guns versus butter hypocrisies of the Evil Bush Regime, then by all means, pass it around.
I'll spend a little time making changes to the toon, and I'll post it later today to see what you might think of it then.
God bless, Dan

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