Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Purged by Snopes, and yet another toon in progress

Now that's a lot of irons in my fire. With a headstart on so many different toons I should be able to post a good amount of work this week.

Sorry to say that Snopes has backtracked and deleted the commentary I've left in their forum, including all the responses to my comments by other members. They've also deleted a recent extensive thread about one of my cartoons and redirected switcheroos I've posted to the original images referenced, including this one-

Yahoo has a cache of the previous version of the thread, which you can compare with the current version. To Snopes credit they still have this thread noticing Blackbear (holy smokes, July?) and this one complimenting me for a decent Christian glurg-toon. For a site which prides itself on exposing myths and chronicling truth, they've reinvented quite a bit of history, which includes erasing all evidence that I was trying to communicate with them.

I've hesitated to comment about this because I thought it might sound like I'm complaining, which I'm not (sort of). I have nothing personal against Snopes; I've commented in this blog in the past about leaving comments on their board (which were always civil; I have a reputation for never 'flaming' anyone, no matter what they might say about the cartoon) so I imagine in time someone else might notice the changes as well. I came across some very intelligent observations regarding my cartoon posed in their forum, which I thought merited a response. Also, while sharply critical in some cases, their threads were largely free of outright invective (no one was swearing at the cartoonist, which is always appreciated).

I've tried yet a third time to register with Snopes to answer questions, and yet again no success. It's a free country, God bless America. Guess I'll expound to the cat, and confine any questions about the cartoon to this blog.

Don't think Ann Rice is encountering similar experiences at AngelQueen.

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