Thursday, December 22, 2005

AfC / Twelve Days Of Christmas, #1

First of three cartoons.
The original faithmouse and I will both be conference bloggers at the first Blogs4Life in Washington on January 23, one day after the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and the day of the annual March For Life, which we'll also be participating in. The conference is being sponsored by the Family Research Center, and will take place at their center in Washington.
I'll throwing the cartoon over completely to promoting the conference following Christmas. Between Christmas and the New Year I'll also be posting in tandem about five cartoons I owe Stacy Harp at Mind and Media (hi, Stacy!).
If you happen to see a plume of smoke in the sky over Minnesota, it's not Mount Buck Hill erupting, it's just a cartoonist drawing as fast as he can. Should be fun!

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