Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fiery Emergency Contraception

Walgreens Pharmacists File Discrimination Complaint Over Plan B Firings -LifeNews

Update on the Pharmacist Case and the Supreme Court -American Center for Law & Justice

"Morning-After" Pills cause early abortions

Differences of opinion over abortifacients continue to obscure the fact that conception begins at fertilization, which happens long before implantation. The Apollo astronauts weren't considered non-entities while enroute to the moon, and arguments that a comet might naturally destroy their ship anyway wouldn't excuse shooting them out of the sky with a rocket.

Both RU486 and the 'morning after pill' cause abortions. Calling MAP 'emergency contraception' is a lie, a verbal deception which those same folks who beat the drum against big corporate pharmaceuticalists choose to ignore since it doesn't benefit their socialist worldview.

Even if these pharmacists, fired as the result of a power grab by the governor of the State of Illinois over the legislature, are completely wrong in their assessment of MAP, they have the right to their moral convictions, which includes the right not to have their convictions forcibly segregated by way of executive memorandum from the whole of their lives.

Religious folks everywhere can be proud of these pharmacists, who in addition to lending some backbone to the Hippocratic oath are taking a stand against the pox of Christian cultural schizophrenia.

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