Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Half Baked Cartoons, and an anti-death penalty diatribe

I believe one of the reasons (and understandable so) that the public supports the death penalty is the absurdly short sentences handed out to those convicted of even the most gratuitous acts of murder. A completely punished murderer cannot commit the same act again. Concern on the part of the public for the safety of family members contributes mightily to the popularity of the death penalty. Even though Tookie Williams was never to return to the streets of L.A., the lack of a death penalty could mean that someone capable of repeating the same sort of horrible acts might. That's a real and difficult concern to argue against. The safety of your family will trump every DNA statistic in the world (ergo a Los Angeles jury aquitting O. J. Simpson of murder and ignoring solid DNA evidence because they were convinced, and wrongly so, that the police were the enemy).

The Tookie Williams death penalty clemency show was politically manipulated by those on the left, but it doesn't matter. We don't need the death penalty to protect the public, just ensured confinement of perpetrators, something we simply don't have due to the long weakening of our legal code, based in part by the damage done by Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who helped assign every evil motivation of the human heart to blameless biology. What's murder, when it's committed not by someone with a soul and a will, but by an upright animal not much more blameless for his natural instincts than a dog?

As Christians we come across much better to doubting mankind when we correctly claim that we leave every final judgment to God. One day after many more conservative justices are appointed to our courts perhaps we'll be able to return to that standard.

That Gaybear toon I delayed finishing in order to have it follow the last two cartoons....

Season's Greetings to Howard Stern...

Now and then faithmouse looks like a cartoon drawn by Bill Donohue of the Catholic League.

Thanks to Jean at Catholic Fire for posting a recent cartoon, as well as Alexa at Birth Story. I flubbed the recent link to Jean and Frank Trainor, so here it is again (sorry!) Editor and syndicated writer Dorothy Thompson at Over The Hill Chick posted the 'Silent Night' cartoon from last year, and Jordan at Beautifully Brutal posted one of the Pledge toons, also circa 2004. Nice bit of encouragement by way of GOP Christian on Online Comics.net.

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