Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lines Of Duty / Principal John Klang

Wisconsin Principal John A. Klang Memorial Portrait

Click to view larger image. Largest.

Received this email Thursday evening-
Thank you for the nice graphic tribute to John Klang.

I have been a regular reader of since it's start, and was pleased and touched to see your post after returning from the funeral for John Klang.

I thought you might be interested in some information about the area, since you made such a nice tribute.

John is my first cousin; his father and my mother were sister and brother. All of the Klang ancestors back to Johan Klang the original immigrant are buried in the Germantown cemetery. A lot of the stone inscriptions are in German.

John's father and mother are still living and I visit them often. I was born and raised in Cazenovia, and was in the first graduating class of Weston High School. Several school districts were combined to build a new school, and rather than put it in any of the small towns and ignite rivalries, they built it out in the middle of farm land with nothing around it but farms. The name was made from the Westford and Ironton Townships.

The way the people in this rural area have pulled together and supported each other is truly what America should be. These are good people.

There are many Amish families living in the area and they attended the funeral as well. There were at least 1500 in attendance.

The press and photographers were kept away and they could be seen far from the center of the events with telescopic lenses.

A luncheon was served in the elementary gym, and all the food prepared and brought in by the people in the area. This is the way it always was when I was growing up.

Thanks again.
Carolyn Kinney
Aurora, IL

Spent much of Tuesday cutting grass and removing leaves. The lawn looked great for about a half hour before the wind kicked in. Following a late night hailstorm it looks like I didn't do a darn thing.
The leaf images are scans from samples collected from my lawn. Additional samples are free to collectors. Bring a truck.

In response to a comment by Panda Rose, Asshat posts the following-

'We need crazy Christians in a grim world, need them on both sides of the Tiber.' No, we should deport them. We need thinkers, not believers. I'm glad this offensive experiment will die a quiet death. Good luck to you in your future endevours.(sic)

Actually, I've increased both my output and returned to political subject matter during the past month. A hat tip to the folks at Democratic Underground; there's something about being kicked while you're down to inspire you to get off of the floor....

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