Thursday, October 12, 2006

Neverborn / Care Net Pregnancy Services of Knox County, Ohio

Neverborn / Care Net Pregnancy Services of Knox County
Click for larger image. Largest. Request, in progress.

Care Net

The Detective Zadroga memorial illustration, in progress on my kitchen counter.

Signs I made last month for the Wash For Life carwash in Rochester, Minnesota. You can see the original Neverborn design here.

I'm afraid I've fallen behind on my thank-you's...

Thanks to prolythic poster Ray at our own local Stella Borealis-Northland Catholic Roundtable for posting a few recent cartoons, including the Neverborn/Mama Lisa toon. Alan Keyes' Renew America has posted three recent toons; Ms'd, Marian Fisher, and Mama Lisa. Thanks to Stop the ACLU as well for their regular Sunday Funnies posts. Cactus Alliance (we deal with prickly issues the right way!) has add the Pro-Life Blogs feed to their aggregator and therefore displays the Ms.d' toon. Amergina's LiveJournal is also displaying the Ms'd toon. Proud to have the Neverborn/Life toon on Freeper CGK's 'about' page.

Thanks to low-boy for posting the older John Kerry/Nail In Christ's Wrist cartoon on his page of Christian images at his low-boy Asiantown page. Kudos to Kids On A Mission For God for adding an older Terri Schiavo/Third World toon as a graphic link to faithmouse on their site entrance. Pookie18 has posted a number of toons on his popular Today's Toons forum at Free Republic.

Thanks to I Love Volchat for his post of the Bill Clinton/Mr. Bunny toon on this Inside Tennessee board. Faith has included a graphic link at Faithcross. Mr. Magoo has posted the Neverborn/Delivery Refused toon at this thread at Bigfooty. MSN ***Sweet_friendzz has added one of the older series toons to their 'Have fun met deze cartoons' page. Thanks to EthicalGop for the post and link at this Discussion Forums thread on Marian Fisher. Snakebytexx included one of the Christmas Series-Michael Newdow Magic Erase Pens toons in this New Hampshire Craigslist forum. Thanks to the German Sleepwalker Blog for including the hotlink for the regularly updating 'Jesus' toon in a post regarding Linux Ubuntu Christian Edition, which can be downloaded from What Would Jesus; also displays a special, dialogueless faithmouse feed on their homepage for their many international visitors.