Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sam Brownback and Neverborn / All Wet

Senator Sam Brownback switches vote on cloture immigration amnesty bill to 'no' after defeat is assured

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I try not to explain my own cartoons (boring) but I wouldn't mind expelling a little hot air regarding the Senator Sam Brownback / neverborn cartoon above. I think the Senator has damaged himself as a spokesman for pro-life causes as a result of both his wishy-washedness on the cloture/amnesty vote and his subsequent explanation of his vote-switch, which I incline to view as fibbing.
Part of the Senator's problem might be some honest, down-to-earth confusion regarding his position, perhaps as a result of trying to synapse his pro-life idealism (respect all life and show mercy to the helpless) with the anarchistic political positioning of a U.S. Catholic church which isn't exactly leading morally on this question by both tactically and blatantly disregarding the law, which is meant to protect everyone, including those who risk their own lives and others by coming here illegally. Politicians such as Senator Brownback may site a deep respect for standards of theology when defending the unborn, the disabled and the old, but then develop a huge blind spot when it comes to recognizing that widely unenforced law against illegal immigration attempts to serve the same purpose; to protect life.
It cruel to enable a system wherein people are robbed, raped and killed in transit, exploited while living in 'the shadows', and live perpetually in fear of being blackmailed or deported. Family don't deserve to be separated and destroyed by illegal immigration. Police officers and border guards don't deserve to be injured and murdered. Children don't deserve to be born with parents who may be deported at any time back to their home nation. Citizens who could best spend resources helping their own families don't deserve to be coerced into supporting those who chose purposefully to break the law. Perhaps most importantly, those who come here legally don't deserve to have their patient respect for order and justice thrown back into their faces by politicians who refuse to enforce existing laws because, according to current convoluted logic, that application would be cruel.
Illegal immigration is a victim creator, just like abortion. I believe we can have both mercy and respect for our laws without allowing untenable good intentions to undermine both.

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