Saturday, April 25, 2009

Art Poster Discontinuation, And PETA Collaboration

I'll be discontinuing my art poster offer as of Sunday, May the 3rd, which will be the last day you can order a poster of the Obama Victory Unicorn painting, which also comes with a hand drawn Faithmouse cartoon. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a poster in the past.

The following weekend, in collaboration with PETA, I'll be offering my first limited edition giclée print series. Peta will be showing this painting at their official protest at the Kentucky Derby and will link to the print on their blog. A portion of the proceeds of the print sales will go to this very worthwhile organization.

Update 5/25/2009

I changed my mind, and the posters are available again. As before, each poster includes an original Faithmouse cartoon. Please click on the sidelinks to order. Also, you can now order any previous painting or cartoon as a poster; just email me separately with the info on which specific image you'd like to order.