Saturday, April 04, 2009

Obama Miniatures

Barack Obama green

Barack Obama orange

Barack Obama three quarter view

Barack Obama pink

Barack Obama soft

Feeling well enough to produce five new Obama portraits, currently for auction on Ebay.
Clicking on each painting will take you to their respective pages.

Thanks to Filmmaker Pat Dollard for the post of a recent Obama Unicorn painting. Thanks as well to The People's Cube for the article, and also for the post at OpenSalon.

A few recent posts of paintings culled from my referrer stats, which includes a number I missed of the Hudson River Obama painting, which I discovered via GIS- Obama unicorn Sean Hannity pancake Ledger Joker Laughing Bush plug Hudson River miracle Hudson River Obama Hudson River Obama Hudson River Obama Obama sea unicorn painting Obama Victory Unicorn Paintings Obama Victory Unicorn Obama Sea Unicorn Obama Unicorn Hawaii Obama Victory Unicorn Blessed Mother Teresa painting Heath Ledger Joker Oriole bird painting