Friday, April 03, 2009

Taint Song by Myfi

Myfi has written a song about Taint.

Lyrics, with (notes) by Myfi


Why don't we liaise
My nets will part
Revealing a window that's only for you

Why can't we relax
Don't mind the mess dear
I toyed with Obama for something to do ( toy... a terrible joke!)

Even my redeemer is resting (Redeemer = Obama)
I carry
The weight of the world (Reference to Taint cartoon where she carries a limp Obama over her shoulder)

Expectations, frustrations
No conference, no glory
Just dark rooms and juices
Resentment and stories

Seems their armies will march for the mice (Soldiers = penises)
It's time to raise my price (Ref to 'Catholic Harlot' cartoon)

Why don't you confess
I hear repentance
Arouses, asphyxiation for the soul

Why do I digress
My work's not over
Til green faces smile from beneath soiled springs

Surely what's left hear is mine (foetuses)
To dispose of as I like
True no treaty abides
For that little sacrifice (Disposal of aborted foetuses)
But you know battlegroundsLie wherever killing's found (I'm a feminist :P )

Taint thinks this is sweet and smart. Thanks, Myfi!