Sunday, May 07, 2006

Favorite Character Poll

Another poll! For those who have an opinion to lend, thanks for voting. I pay attention to the results of the polls and comments; they actually do influence the cartoon.

Adstat, the service which makes these customizable polls available, allows only up to ten choices per poll, so for now I'm foregoing gathering opinion on many secondary characters such as Fraud Fits, Chaplain Catodanno, Howard Donkey, Devil Cat, Professor Ferret, Reverend Rhino, and others.

The Francis / Gaybear poll was pretty decisive, with 65% favoring the recent change in the character. Baring the occassional non-partisan issue cartoon such as the 'praying hands' image below, I'm sticking with the continuing storyline. Therefore, we'll meet up with Francis and Clare once again sometime during the next month or so.

Even though I'm staying away from taking political stances, I wouldn't want to see the cartoon abandon its focus on life issues and religious free expression. The introduction of a Neverlived character would do no harm to Neverborn. Similary, it does no damage to the cause of religious freedom to point out that a fallen soldier isn't allowed a Wiccan headstone in a military cemetery. This is what I meant by agreeing to make the cartoon more 'liberal'; laying off the partisan and expanding focus. The good result here is that the cartoon might become more Catholic, which wouldn't hurt.

Oh, enough already. I need to draw something.

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