Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Portrait Studio and Galleries link

Here's a link no one has seen for some time, including me. It's to my old portrait studio and galleries, which have been off floating somewhere in the ether of cyberspace for the past few years.

I came across these page while gathering hard copies of some of my Lines Of Duty memorial illustrations for the purpose of submitting them to the syndicates. I also found this old photograph of myself at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, where I operated a small studio for most of the 90's.

If I may plug my own work for a moment (especially since I'm planning to direct syndicate reps to this blog post) Lines Of Duty should make for a successful newspaper feature. I continue to receive many positive and encouraging responses to these illustrations. LOD strives to transcend, to appeal to all demographics. I believe it succeeds, primarily because of the very worthy subject matter. For my own part, I try to give each memorial portrait the best presentation I can.

Lines Of Duty is the only regular feature which honors fallen police officers, firefighters, military personnel, etc. I wouldn't want to be the editor who has to explain why they aren't running LOD. As a person who wants as much recognition for these heroes as they can get, this a great pickle to put people in.

The most recent completed LOD memorial portrait is of Pasadena Officer Kyle Ballard.

As I was composing this post, Kyle's friend Darcy discovered the portrait and left this comment-

Wow, what a great pic. He was one of my best friends. And he truly was one of the best friends anybody could have. I miss him more and more everyday. It's nice to see his 3 boys all the time and see a piece of him in them. In memory of S87.

Thanks, Darcy, and thanks for Officer Ballard's S-87 radio call number, which I will add to the back of his shirt. God bless, and thank you.

I enjoy producing these illustrations, so it would be a gift to be able to draw them on a full time basis. I have a few new LOD's in progress, including one for Fairfax County, Virginia police detective Vicky Armel. If no one minds too much, I'll put the cartooning aside for a few days and get a few additional LOD's scanned and posted. It would be an appropriate focus for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

Thanks to Chris at The World: IMHO for posting the livefeed for the regularly updating cartoon. Thanks as well to the folks at BuildDeFence for adding faithmouse to the blogroll.

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