Friday, May 26, 2006

The Madonna's True Confessional Tour, In Progress #2

Click to view larger image. Largest.

I isolated a section of the 'Madonna's True Confessional Tour' cartoon (in progress #2) and scooted it off to the affiliates as today's cartoon. I think it works fine as a solitary image, even without knowing it's part of a larger thingamabob which I'm still picking at.

Here's the complete second version of the cartoon, still in progress.

Click to view larger image. Largest.

I'd like to add some figures on the sides of the road watching in wonderment as Father Augustine and the confessional pass by. A message will also emanate from the loudspeakers, although at the moment I have no idea where to put it. How about-in a pitch higher than the human ear can hear?

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