Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Via Della Riconciliazione Roed, In Progress

I'm stretching the Da Vinci Code allusions as far as they'll go, but if you can bear with me I think this should make for a nifty cartoon and a nice presentation of Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican Kitty. B16 looks a bit 'albino monk' here; in the second panel he'll come off much better.

Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican Kitty, The Via Della Riconciliazione Roed

Since I'm making you suffer again with a half-completed cartoon, here's an explanation. Via Della Riconciliazione is the main thoroughfare which leads directly into St. Peter's Square. It translates into English as 'the road of reconciliation.' Not sure about the history, but I believe the street received its name around the time of Italy's allowance of the Vatican's sovereignty. Roed is a homophone of 'road.' A roed is also a bunch of fish eggs. So, the road to Catholicism is also a way (via) to reconciliation with God. The people of the church are the 'roed' of the fish, who is Christ. Allusion here also to the miracles of the loaves and fishes, and to the Pope as the representative of Christ on earth. The crowd in St. Peter's Square (second panel, in progress) is not only the roed but the future. In the second panel (look away if you don't want to know) we learn that the Pope is actually declaring not just to Vatican Kitty, but to the crowd gathered below them in St. Peter's square- 'There is a great truth I must tell you. We are the living descendants... of the Lord Jesus Christ!" Should make for a very nice post if you have a Catholic blog.

Preview of the second panel.

El got married and I missed the entire thing. Thanks to the fabulous Curt Jester for giving faithmouse a link. Father Joe, a Catholic priest and pastor of The Church of the Holy Spirit in Forestville, MD, in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC. has honored us (mouse in pocket) with a link on his Piece Of The Puzzle. Renew America has posted the recent Da Vinci Commode cartoon on their homepage. Liberty Bell, which recently returned to cyberspace, has done the same. Welcome back!

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