Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Polar Bear Plunge Cartoon

Long time visitors to this blog are probably aware that now and then I post a cartoon showing my characters naked. I have a history as a portrait and figure artist (I operated a small art studio at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas during much of the 90's) so it comes naturally to me. As my cartoon is already considered somewhat provocative, I feel my visitors are mature enough to handle it.

The following new cartoon is explicit, especially regarding my two gay cartoon characters, Gaybear and Ms. StarMole, who are politically at odds with one another. I'd rather not explain my cartoons (not sure I absolutely can) but I feel I should give a 'heads up' to my visitors who aren't accustomed this sort of content. I'm also happy to give some acknowledgement in this toon to a few 'alt' forums which have commented regularly on faithmouse during the past year.

faithmouse 2007 Polar Bear Plunge, naked cartoon characters, Portal of Evil, Something Awful, and Hipinion faithmouse forums
Click above to view larger image. Largest.
Faithmouse is art which roughly follows my own political / religious perspective but not necessarily so. I'd rather my cartoon not be dangerous, but it does what it want to do. My intention is to be honest and most of all to entertain-mostly myself. I feel that if I'm not interested in what I'm doing you'll feel even less so. I love my characters, even the ones I don't agree with, and wish they lived in a world where it wasn't necessary to fight with one another.
I hope visitors will understand that 'naked cartoons' aren't 'sex cartoons' (I think many of my past pro-life cartoons have actually contained much stronger content). If I was to produce stronger content than that above, I would certainly keep it separate from this site.
I hope this cartoon entertains, which is it's only purpose.

A faithmouse toon is included in Pookie18's Free Republic 2006 Today's Toons Favorites preliminary round. Best Thanks to Laurannd mkII at POE News for her For those who don't check out regular POE post. A thread has broken out at Something Awful regarding the current 2007 Polar Bear Plunge toon. Thanks to Miriam for posting the Neverborn / Women's Rights Begin In The Womb cartoon on the Spanish Sou a Favor da Fida. Pookie18 had included the Happy New Year / No Underwear cartoon on his New Year's Day Today's Toons thread at Free Republic. AYOUB_SHEIKH posts the Neverborn / Return To Sender cartoon to this thread at Somalia Online. Ned the Toothpick (registration required) displays the recent Stop The ACLU Grinch cartoon, as does the politics board at SitComs Online (same). Christmas toons appear on a number of LiveJournal threads, including Sayda Li's Vampielinred, Churchrat, and tobermorywomble at his The voices in my head LiveJournal friends page. The recent Santa Claus is Catholic toon appears on this 2+2 Forum thread titled Santa: The Athiest's Best Friend. 'chelle posts the older Stop And Praise God cartoon on her Praise The Lord Design's MySpace page. Gail Orenstein posts the Neverborn / Eviction Notice toon on this (adult content) Flickr forum. Thanks to Princess Alexis Nicole for including the Neverborn / Eviction Notice toon on her private MySpace page. Thanks to idunno92 for posting last year's Neverborn / Crossblogging.com Blogs4Life toon on this Nexopia board (adult content).

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