Monday, January 29, 2007

Donnie Davies and 'God Hates Fags' In Progress

Donnie Davies and Evening Service Ministries, 'The Bible Says / God Hates Fags' video by Dallas area actor Joey Oglesby
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The Completed God Hates Fags cartoon.

Another iron in the fire, this one regarding 'Donnie Davies' and his 'The Bible Says / God Hates Fags' song, which has been the subject of much web-based speculation, although now revealed as being the product of Dallas area actor Joey Oglesby. A pretty good hoax; it fooled even me at first until I saw that one of the dreaded 'Gay' bands listed on his Love God's Way website was Kansas.

Steve Koval, editor of the Houston Voice writes -

Unfortunately, none of the anti-gay conservative Christian organizations have taken the bait yet. Donnie's going to have to be a little more hateful if he wants to land one of them.

So, that's whats going on. The fact that not one Christian organization has 'taken the bait' is viewed by more than one commentor as a disappointment, instead of as evidence that it's pretty hard to find these sort of people outside of extended families of lawsuit-baiting lawyers posing as Baptist churches. It's unfortunate and a continuing political loss for homosexuals that they continue to drive away fellow Gay Christians by parodying enemies which don't exist. There are very few truly anti-Gay and hellfire ministers in the world, but many more Gays who in their own personal struggles join organizations such as Exodus, and who are a threat to no one. Parodies such as 'The Bible Says/God Hates Fags' song and the fake 'Evening Service' website are really a message to spiritually oriented Gays by Christian hating Gays that they are fools to consider their sexuality as anything less than driven by the wiles of nature. Graciously embracing the viewpoints of all in the homosexual community, instead of bitterly mocking those who are in personal struggle, would go a long way to help secure broad societal acceptance of 'Gay rights'. Christian bashing by Gays is a loss for everyone, most especially to the homosexual community.

Just by coincidence, I happen to have a new Gaybear cartoon in progress at the faithmouse forum at Portal Of Evil which encompasses some of these issues. It's a pretty strong sexually oriented cartoon, and like some other recent toons, I've kept it off this site in order not to offend regular visitors.

Thanks to N. I. Annakindt at moreover the dog went this them for her supporting post.

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